Akanthus stage throttle 2019 rope phone

With the sounds of greek and international hits, akanthus is the most popular place to have fun from morning to evening. Make your reservation quick and easy by finding information on night clubs (bouzouki, clubs), shapes and available days of operation. Akanthus summer time membership managed to combine the whole lot from coffee and snack lounges to cocktails and unique events that monopolized our summer season evenings for an additional season, shifting alimos coast as one of many hottest summer time hotspots.

Subscribe to our newsletter to receive the most important news of pink carpet every month on your email. This bar and Akanthus stage restaurant has a privileged location by the sea, an aegean island-like setting-up, and many famous visitors. This year, the favorite in all of us akanthus changes part and we welcome you to the alimony on the shore of the sun, to give us unique summer nights by the sea, like so many.

Clubs athens thumping ghostly winter spontaneous membership in the throttle in the center of athena’s event. She is releasing her new single, “love one more time”, continuing her successful collaboration with the pink elephant producers and zenn with full summer mood. Call us for information on bouzouki and golf equipment. Enjoy the ultimate summer nightlife with akrotiri w club, akanthus and ola white.

Probably the greatest golf equipment of the athens, akanthus combines membership with the restaurant exceptionally, at a venue that’s completely re-adorned.Unforgettable parties, heavy beats, delectable dishes along with the rhythm and animal spirit “are conducive to essentially the most enjoyable close to the ocean, you can get there by tram.

Among the names we have seen on stage, the Constantine Silver, Demy, Eleni Foureira and many other artists. Man gerber on the decks of the # 1 nightclub in athens – #lohannightclub. Learn the shapes and available days of the shops. The madwalk 2019 took place on the evening of the second, April 1, and all the glamorous faces of Greek slumber were gathered at the Olympic fencing center.

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