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Lindsay lohan ‘s mtv reality show, lindsay lohan’s beach club,” will not be back for a second season, page six has exclusively learned — and it seems the star’s mykonos nightclub, which serves as the setting for the show, is also closed. Promote your permanent link – -nightclub-a6449445723 – on your website, your blog, and social media. There are some clubs and restaurants on misicleous street where you can see rembetika and laika stars during the winter like the misikleous music club on the corner of lysiou. For best results, use the customized trip planning widget for lohan nightclub on your website.

Here are some tips on how to use your listing page to attract more travelers to your business – lohan box μελισσες. Ennea ogdoa, 40 alexandras avenue, live greek music. Fantasia live is one of the lice greek music clubs that is a favorite spot for all those who enjoy greek popular music, with lots of dancing and flower-throwing until the early morning hours.

Typically, these are music venues were popular, mainstream greek singers perform live, however some of them can get very bad and trashy, but hey, that is also part of the experience. The peak time in this district occurs on sunday afternoon when local taverns play traditional greek music to accompany your meal. If you are a night owl, a night in psiri, beginning at a quiet ouzerie like cafe evi or mavros gatos or a less quiet place on miaouli like arodou, great for people watching, or any of the other former ouzeries, now cafe-bars, on maiouli.

With more than 3000000 people in the athens basin, greece’s capital has a very active night life. Latin culture is very similar to the greek one, with people being known across the world for their love for dance and passionate personalities. His rendition of the old song pino kai metho(I drink and get drunk) is the national anthem of psiri or anyone who lives life for the enjoyment of it. If you are looking for authentic, quality greek music this is the guy.

The young ones prefer the small bars the so called “Barakia” in greek. Box athens in the center of athens is a leader in live clubbing. So, to answer to question a bouzoukia-nightclub may have from 6 to 15 (!!) different performers and dancers to entertain its guests. Athens’ famous gay nightclub for over 15 years. sodade2 has two dance floors (second area only open on weekends), with dj’s playing â mainstream hits, house, progressive and greek songs.

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