The gogoro viva is an electric scooter than will turn heads for sure.

In an announcement made just moments ago, gogoro unveiled its latest electric scooter: gogoro viva. Rui can create a recommended price of 54,980 yuan for gogoro viva. Called the viva, the scooter can run for 85 kilometers on one of gogoro’s swappable batteries, which are charged at the same stations as its smartscooters. It is true that until now, apart from a few free shared electric scooter fleets (such as coup in france), gogoro products suffered from a very limited distribution outside taiwan.

Gogoro wants viva to replace 50-100 cc gas scooters that are used for short intercity trips and with 1400 battery swap stations already in place in taiwan , the move makes perfect sense. Gogoro viva is meant for committing small distances in cities, as most scooters are. The taiwanese government offers subsidies for electric vehicles, so it can cost less than $ 900, thus being competitive with good bicycles in the country.

Viva is the lightest electric scooter in the gogoro range, weighing 80 kg on the scale. Like gogoro’s mopeds, the viva is also connected to the company’s iq system, which lets users unlock their vehicles and monitor mileage and maintenance with a smartphone app. Gogoro has presented a new scooter, with autonomy of 85 km and interchangeable batteries. Gogoro has trialed vacation rentals in japan , more straightforward shared rental services in france and germany, and recently provided scooters to delivery services in korea in total, luke says, more than 1 billion kilometers (621 million miles) have been driven on the company’s scooters.

The ultra-light and smart scooters not only have a vibrant look but also have some modern features that compliment the electric powertrain it is best suitable for city commutes easily. Viva must be the first electric scooter of the brand to cross this path, the manufacturer that wants to officially market the largest possible number of countries, where there is a demand for this type of product, in the next 24 months.

With the one s1, segway appears to be targeting even more niche markets with a single-wheel design that, although self-balancing, the company warns “Is not for everyone” and takes some skill to ride. Taiwan-based Gogoro Viva改裝 already maintains a nearly 94% market share for electric mobility in its domestic market. And so offering both smaller and larger electric scooters that offer options for both urban and suburban riding sounds like it will put gogoro in a strong position.

Till now gogoro has sold more than 200,000 smart scooters and is looking to expand beyond taiwan into international markets like the european union , south korea, and japan. To help ensure that muve riders are able to lift the e-scooter up into the bus or train without having to be rushed to hospital for an emergency back operation, the design team is aiming for a total weight of less than 15 kg (33 lb).

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