You can whiten your skin in less than 10 minutes!

Skin whitening, skin brightening, skin lightening. The willingness to harmonize the skin tone was the prevailing reason motivating the practice of sw, corroborating results from dakar (senegal) where the large majority of women practicing sw desired a uniform skin complexion 12 moreover, mahé et al. Found that 21% of their women wished to have a beautiful skin 12 as the notion of beauty is relative depending on each individual, this may justify the choice of a particular bleaching product or composition rather than another one depending on its rapidity and power of action.

As shown in table 3, the externally applied skin- whitening composition containing miconazole prepared in preparation example 1 displayed a whitening effect in 17 of 20 volunteers, especially an excellent whitening effect in comparison with the cream-type composition prepared in comparative preparation example 2, which contains ascorbic acid as a known whitening agent, and exhibited no side effects to skin, demonstrating that minaconazole is an excellent whitening agent having stability while reducing hyperpigmentation, such as freckles and ephelides.

In our survey, ages ranged from 16 to 46 years (mean 21.3 ± 2.9 years), nearly concurring with reports from gathse et al. Where ages varied between 14 and 58 years (mean 26.6 years) 10 the mean age of students using bleaching agents was 22.0 ± 3.3 years, comparable to results from traoré et al. In burkina faso (mean 25 years) 11 we could infer from our findings a precocious age at initiation of sw, this being explained perhaps by the fact that there is an increasing number of advertisements on bleaching agents which could influence the practice of young women.

According to the present invention, the externally applied ビタブリッドCフェイスを実際に使ったリアルすぎる口コミ compositions containing miconazole as an effective ingredient were prepared as creams in preparation example 1 and comparative preparation example 1, below, and also, a cream without miconazole was prepared as comparative preparation example 1 described below, followed by tests for stability and inhibitory effect on hyperpigmentation.

Accordingly, as a result of many trials to find a skin whitening substance having no undesirable side effects and having visible depigmenting effects within a short time, the inventors of the present invention discovered that miconazole has an excellent inhibitory effect on tyrosinase activity and melanin formation and is also capable of being used as an effective ingredient of external compositions for skin whitening.